Install this Software to Set Right Any Faulty System

We live in the techno world. Computers and software dominate the world – in every sphere of activity, in the individual life and in the society. The sweep of information technology is so deep, widespread, that many regardless of age, are wedded to it, knowingly or unwittingly, as it has become the backbone of even … Continue reading Install this Software to Set Right Any Faulty System


A sane explanation of positivity

Extract from a blog of Times of India on November 4, 2018: Positivity is not conflict free by Pooja Bedi Times of India Opinion » TOI Blogs / 2018-11-04 02:04 I’ve often heard people talking about positivity as something that is peaceful, optimistic, upbeat and devoid of any seemingly contrary emotions and thoughts. Therefore people … Continue reading A sane explanation of positivity

James Allen on True Happiness

True Happiness by James Allen To maintain an unchangeable sweetness of disposition, to think only thoughts that are pure and gentle, and to be happy under all circumstances, such blessed conditions and such beauty of character and life should be the aim of all, and particularly so of those who wish to lessen the misery … Continue reading James Allen on True Happiness

Jagajog and Sanjog ?

A Monk of the RamaKrishna Mission was being interviewed by a journalist from NY. The journalist started interviewing the Monk as planned earlier. Journalist - "Sir, in your last lecture, you told us about Jogajog (contact) & Sanjog (connection). It's really confusing. Can you explain ? " The Monk smiled and apparently deviating from the … Continue reading Jagajog and Sanjog ?

“Anger doesn’t solve any problems …. Kindness doesn’t create any problems”

“Anger doesn’t solve any problems .... Kindness doesn’t create any problems” The Boss was retiring. Everyone had tears in their eyes on the day of his farewell. One of the employees said, “Sir, there is one thing we want to learn from you. You worked here for so many years. Leave aside about scolding your … Continue reading “Anger doesn’t solve any problems …. Kindness doesn’t create any problems”

Idiosyncrasies at the Office Environment

Idiosyncrasies at the Office Environment This post is my rejoinder to my post carrying a message I received in Whatsapp from a friends group on Abilene Paradox. My response sent to my friend in Whatsapp group follows: “Very true. But in India, in the busy corporates, none has any time to think and effect behavioral … Continue reading Idiosyncrasies at the Office Environment